Patient Rewards Hub

Would you like to get paid while you have braces???

Patient Rewards CardOK, so you’re not actually gonna get paid for having braces, but you can rack up a bazillion points and trade them in for gift cards to your favorite stores.
All you have to do to earn points is do the things that we ask you to do! It’s a triple bonus for you because you will finish treatment faster and better and you will get some awesome gift cards along the way!

Most Popular Awarded Gift Cards

  • $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • $25 Target Gift Card
  • $15 Best Buy Gift Card
  • $15 Apple iTunes Gift Card
  • $10 AMC Movie Gift Card

Ways to Earn Points

  • Wear your WRO T-shirt to your appointment
  • Have excellent oral hygiene
  • Straight A’s on your report card
  • Losing baby teeth
  • Liking us on Facebook
  • Referring your friends and family