Indirect Bonding

Indirect bonding is a method of applying brackets for braces to the teeth in such a manner that an entire set of braces can be applied in less than an hour. Traditionally, braces are placed on each individual tooth, one at a time. The procedure required meticulous, long, painstaking sessions for both patient and doctor, to ensure each bracket was in the correct position, especially in the back of the mouth.

Indirect Bonding Process

Indirect bonding is a technique in which molds of the teeth are made, and most of the work for the braces is done in the lab, while you’re at home! It is a very precise process that relies on our ability to make accurate models of your teeth. Much detail goes into the accurate measurement and alignment of the model, since your mouth is naturally unique to you.

In the lab, Dr. Ortega designs your smile by placing the braces on the models of your teeth, exactly in the right place. Then, a clear transfer tray is made around the braces. This tray looks and feels very similar to an athletic mouth guard.

Setting the Braces

When you come to our office to have your braces placed, the trays will have the braces built into them. All that remains is a short sitting to fit to make the braces stick to all of your teeth at the same time!